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9 Mile Reef Sodwana Bay

Price: R410 Per Person

Location and General Information

This reef is the furthermost dive site accessible from Sodwana Bay. This is a great place for a multi-level dive and the huge Green Tree Coral (aka The Christmas Tree) is a well-known landmark feature here. Dolphins, Manta Rays and Whalesharks are often encountered on your way to, or back from the dive site. Done on calm seas, the boat ride is quite a bit longer than to the other dive sites in Sodwana Bay. It is a beautiful ride out to 9 Mile – the pristine sand dunes form as stunning backdrop to the ocean as you enjoy the sight of dolphins playing along the way.

Reef Description

9 Mile Reef dives require an Advanced Diver qualification or higher due to the depth and topography. The iconic Green Tree stands about 2,5m above the sandy bottom, surrounded by a cloud of Goldies. Great for swim-throughs, overhangs and caves. The crevices play home to moray eels and tube anemones – Look for hidden surprises such as Frogfish and Scorpionfish.

There are only 2 actual dive sites here, Breaking Waters, with its interesting caves and 9 Mile Reef itself.  Potato Bass and Brindle Bass frequently stop by to investigate divers, and are often also found resting under the overhangs. Breaking Waters is closer to the shore, hence the name, and can only be dived in very calm conditions. 


Please Note:

All our dives are priced as 2 Mile Reef dives so that a package of 5 dives can be purchased. We then simply charge the balance of the dive price as a surcharge, multiplied by the number of times you dived any of the further reefs. See under the Diving Information tab for further details. Please be aware that you are not able to pre-book dives to a particular site or for a particular time, when you make your accommodation and dive booking. Please attend the Dive Planning meeting held the night before you wish to dive, to do so. If you are unable to attend, please call in to confirm your dive preference for the next day, on +27 35-571 0290 or +27 790 712612 to request your place. Proof of certification is required.