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2 Mile Reef Sodwana Bay

Price: R360 Per Person

Location and General Information

The Sodwana reef system known as 2 Mile Reef, starts from just outside the bay and stretches almost 2km north. Running parallel to the coastline, it is about 400m wide. Its name comes from the fact that it is around 2 nautical miles to the start of the reef. The Agulhas Current flows down the East Coast of South Africa. Together with the large marine animals like Whale Sharks and Manta Rays, come the warm waters of the tropics. Average sea temperatures reach from around 21°C to 28°C, with the occasional drop to around 20°C. Prevailing winds blow from North to South, swinging to the South when rain approaches.

Reef Description

As far as the reef complexes of Sodwana Bay go, it is the largest and has a fabulous topography. Large overhangs, gardens of hard and soft corals, and shallow caves make for interesting dives. Dives can flow unbroken from one dive site to another, thus the length of the reef makes it perfect for drift dives. The reef teems with marine life, while there always many an exciting discovery to be made… White Tip Reef Sharks hide in the caves; rays rest on the white sandy patches and turtles abound. Huge Honeycomb Moray Eels make for exciting encounters and are often seen swimming over the reef while hunting.

The numerous dive sites on 2 Mile, range from 10m to 32m in depth; offering something for everyone. Underwater visibility is normally the best South Africa has to offer, as there are no rivers entering the sea in this area – it averages from 15 – 20m, with it being even better in the summer months.

Please Note:

Please be aware that you are not able to pre-book dives to a particular site or for a particular time, when you make your accommodation and dive booking. Please attend the Dive Planning meeting held the night before you wish to dive, to do so. If you are unable to attend, please call in to confirm your dive preference for the next day, on +27 35-571 0290 or +27 790 712612 to request your place. Proof of certification is required.