Dive Courses – Information

If you have booked a dive course with us, or would like to do a course, please come through to our Dive Planning meeting on the day that you arrive. Here you will be met by our friendly staff and we’ll introduce you to your Padi Instructor.

  • Dive Planning – Meetings are held daily from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. It is here that you will be introduced to your instructor and do your registration for the course. The Dive Planning board is located near the Coral Bar area, opposite the entrance to the Boma.
  • Dive Equipment  – This will be arranged with your instructor and is included in your course price (Except for Padi Pro courses). The Gear Room is open from 6am daily and a member of staff will be on duty to assist you with your sizes, weight requirements etc. Dive equipment will be signed out under your name and it is your responsibility to ensure its safekeeping during your course. All equipment is individually numbered for easy identification – please take note of your number/s. You are liable for replacement gear at current rates.
  • Dive Permits – It is government legislation to purchase a permit for diving. This can be bought at the reception (depending on availability – they are only valid for one month). Alternatively you can purchase an annual licence at your local post office (they do sell monthly permits as well).
  • Medical Certificate – You are required to present a ‘clearance for diving’ signed by a medical practitioner for the start of your diving course if you had to answer ‘yes’ to any of the medical questions on your form. It must state that you are ‘fit for diving’ and be not older than 12 months.
  • Boats – Coral Divers uses 7.2 meter (21 foot) semi-rigid inflatable’s with twin outboard motors. They carry a maximum of 11 divers including the Dive Master, and have sufficient space for cameras and video equipment. Divers are to kit up in their wetsuits and assemble their gear before the boat launches. The equipment will then be secured into the boat by our beach crew, and the boat is then pushed off the sand into the water by the tractor and assisted by the divers. From here, the skipper navigates his way through the bay to the dive site. When the divers surface, the boat will pick them up and once all are on board, they return to shore.
  • Emergencies – Medical oxygen is available on all the boats and under the Coral Divers gazebo for emergencies. Our staff are fully trained in the administration of Oxygen and First Aid and any emergencies will be handled by the Beach Manager.
  • Course Credits – These will be given for the remaining dives to individuals that were unable to complete their training dives during their stay. These credits are non-refundable, non transferable and valid for 1 year. We have no control over the weather and if we are unable to launch dive credits will be given.