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Scuba diving is his passion… Coral Divers recently celebrated with Sanele when he passed his PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor course and became one of  the youngest black South Africans to achieve this accolade in diving. Sanele’s story is a super one. His achievement in the face of many obstacles, is a credit to his fierce determination.. To succeed and follow his dream!

Sanele’s story 

“I am Sanele Mbuyasi, now one of the youngest black South African PADI Instructors. I was born and raised near the sub-tropical Indian Ocean resort of Sodwana Bay, in the small village of Qongwana. My passion is for nature and the ocean since I was a small child at primary school. I eagerly joined up with the Beach Clean-Up Campaign every year in Sodwana.” 

At the age of 19, Sanele managed to find work as a ‘gear assistant’ for a local dive centre. Eagerly assisting divers on the beach with washing equipment after their dives. He became determined to scuba dive by listening to all the stories divers had to tell of their underwater experiences…

However, his first obstacle was learning how to swim. Diving friends offered encouragement and after work each day, due to much practise his swimming improved until he was proficient enough to do his Open Water course.  With his scuba diving course was completed, and he was hooked!

My inspiration

“At the age of 20, I was given a chance to study at college, but because my mind was set on diving, I declined. In May 2017, I was offered the opportunity to join the internship at Coral Divers. This was as a sponsored student. I could do my Advanced through to Dive Master and that was life-changing for me…”

It was during Sanele’s PADI Dive Master course that Coral Divers saw the attributes of a potentially great instructor in him. The Coral Divers Diving Internship programme, takes in candidates 4 times a year who progress through the Introductory Phase and Dive Master Phase. This is followed by a DM Experience Phase and preparation for their IDC (Instructor Development Course), ending with the actual 10 day IDC  and 2 day Instructor Exam.

Coral Divers offered to sponsor his diving internship. This included undertaking his Instructor Course. Sanele excelled on the November 2017 PADI IDC. With a huge amount of hard work, he successfully completed his Instructor Exam on the 3rd December 2017. We are very proud of him and his achievement!

What diving means to me

“My PADI rating means that wherever I go in the world… Whenever I am teaching courses or leading dives, I have the knowledge and support of the largest and most reputable dive organisation behind me. My PADI rating – this means that I have the ability to challenge myself and my students to become the best divers we can be…”