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Every year Sodwana Bay plays host to the nesting season of the huge Leatherback Turtles and their smaller cousin the Loggerhead Turtles.

From about mid-November, the females of these species come ashore to lay their eggs before heading out to sea once again. This usually takes place in the evenings, but you may be lucky enough to be on the beach when one comes out in daylight!

The 2017/2018 nesting season has started and a number of sightings have already taken place. Recently, this young female Loggerhead Turtle came out on the main beach to lay her eggs, giving excited onlookers a chance to view this incredible spectacle during daylight hours.

The Loggerhead can get to an average of 135kg in weight and live to around 60 years old. The females start laying from around the age of 17 years and will continue to lay until they are about 30-33 years old. You can see Loggerhead Turtles at Sodwana Bay all year round, and they are a common sighting when scuba diving on the reefs here…